Live Casino Roulette

Long time players of roulette in brick-and-mortar casinos are the ones likely to point out a lot of things missing in a virtual roulette game. Gone are the exciting moments of watching the ball go around the wheel. These change with live roulette games, and the live casino roulette tables prove so.

Since the experience may feel somewhat lacking for many who are used to physical roulette, live roulette is able to fill in what virtual roulette is lacking, authentic roulette action. They also offer other advantages over those played in a physical roulette casino.

Authentic roulette experience

The beauty of live casino roulette comes from betting on where the ball is going to drop. You can’t experience the thrill of seeing the ball spin around the wheel and slowly goes down towards one of the numbered slots in an online roulette game. The intense moment of the ball hitting one of the studs of the wheel which causes it to lose its speed is hard to recreate in a virtual roulette.

Apart from the experience, live casino roulette makes the game feel more authentic. Some players might have a problem with virtual casino’s random number generator. They feel like the number the game picks are keeping them from winning most of their bets. In a live casino roulette game, the ball falls down in one of the slots without anyone controlling it, with the same roulette odds. The authentic results of this type of game can make anyone feel like they have a good chance of winning a street or even a split bet.

Socializing opportunity

Roulette is best played with a group of other bettors. Hearing the cheers and cries of other players as they win/lose their bets is always fun to see. Live casino roulette app also makes it easier for you to strike a conversation with other people playing the game.

Live entertainment

There is certain live casino roulette where the dealers provide a form of live entertainment to players. This is the type of trending content which people who watch ‘let’s play’ or ‘streaming video’ wants. Live dealers will talk with you as you wait for everyone to place their bets.

There are a number of variations of live casino roulette in fiat and Bitcoin casinos you can start to play roulette and experience everything mentioned above.