Bitcoin Video Casino

Bitcoin Video CasinoBitcoin Bettors who are looking for a gambling site that offers a top-notch roulette game should go straight to Bitcoin Video Casino. After all, this online casino, which accepts exclusively Bitcoins, is equipped with exceptional features that are evident in all of the casino games it hosts. Besides roulette, this Bitcoin casino also offers video poker, blackjack, craps, keno, slots, and dice. While all these provide avid players with an exciting gambling experience, its Bitcoin Roulette, however, really stands out and is even poised to become one of the best in the world of online Bitcoin gambling. Enjoyment awaits when casino enthusiasts play Bitcoin Roulette.

User-Friendly Betting Interface

Nothing beats having an easy-to-use betting interface; that is why Bitcoin Video Casino has successfully managed to attract many Bitcoin bettors over time. Through its user-friendly interface, bettors can easily place their wagers and adjust their bet amounts. In fact, an array of buttons is available for the use of the players for a more efficient and seamless betting. However, this roulette game features only a quarter of the actual wheel, unlike some of the Bitcoin roulette sites that have a realistic roulette table. Nevertheless, this casino is able to show a visually attractive wheel that spins every time the Spin button is clicked.

Low House Edge and High Expected Returns

With only 0.5% house edge, this BItcoin casino is absolutely an attractive gambling venue online. This means that roulette bettors will receive 99.5% returns for every successful bet they make. As a result, players will have an easier time raising their bankroll and profiting more. This, hands down, is the best way to entice Bitcoin bettors around the world to enjoy betting in Bitcoin Video Casino.

Provably Fair Roulette Game

As if the features cannot get any much better, it turns out that this Bitcoin casino actually offers a provably fair roulette game. With this, interested players can easily verify if their previously played games are fair indeed.  Clicking the Verify button under the My Games tab in the table below the betting interface will automatically initiate the verification process for the selected bet. The calculations are shown as well as the results. Thus, bettors do not even have to worry about getting cheated.

Password-Protected and Anonymous Betting Account

Bettors do not need to undergo the trouble of registering for an account because the system automatically assigns a username and a private URL to first-time players. However, changing the username as well as protecting the account with a password is already the responsibility of the bettors. Moreover, given that only the password is asked from the players, they are guaranteed that their privacy will not be breached, enabling anonymous betting.

Simple Deposit and Cash out Methods

There should not be any problem in depositing and withdrawing funds in Bitcoin Video Casino. After all, these transactions work exactly like how most Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites function. Therefore, sending bitcoins to the casino’s registered wallet address or scanning its QR code will successfully deposit funds to the players’ accounts. Withdrawing funds, however, entails a small transaction fee of 0.0005 BTC, which will be deducted from the cash out.

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