OpogamesA Bitcoin casino is not complete without the classic wheel of fortune – roulette. It is one of the most popular Bitcoin casino games and currently the main highlight of Opogames, a new Bitcoin betting site. Though it looks simple and ordinary at first, this Bitcoin gaming platform offers advantageous features you must take good advantage of.

Play with Provable Fairness

Spinning Bitcoin roulette is more fun if you know that the winning numbers are all fair and authentic. This is what exactly Opogames is about. Since this site offers Provably Fair gaming, you can be assured of integrity of all your games’ results. You can verify this yourself using the client’s seed and secret hash they show publicly at the end of the day.

Smooth and Responsive Gaming Platform

What makes Opogames’ Bitcoin roulette ideal for everyone is its design-wise yet user-friendly gaming platform. The interface is smooth and foolproof added with rich graphics and lively sound effects so you will never get bored with this game even you make the most of it from dusk to dawn. In addition, the control buttons are straightforward. You have nothing to worry about even it will be your first time to play Bitcoin Roulette because doing a pricey error is the least thing to happen in their gaming platform.

Get your Firsthand Experience for Free

In this Bitcoin roulette site, you are allowed to play the game in the ‘Free Play’ mode. The moment you entered their domain, you will receive some free chips that you can use to test and practice the game. While some players take this offer for granted, it is actually a good opportunity to take advantage to gain some techniques and try betting systems to increase your winning chances sooner.

Spin Bitcoin Roulette Instantly and Anonymously

To get started at Opogames, you just have to send sums of BTCs to the wallet address provided. Yes, you can directly make a deposit because signing up or registration is not a requirement in this gaming platform. Aside from full anonymity, you can be assured of instant betting since your deposit is automatically synced with your balance – you don’t have to wait for network confirmations. On the other hand, payouts are received promptly since after your withdrawal request is approved, it will be processed straightaway.

Overall Experience

Opogames is unquestionably new to the domain of Bitcoin betting. However, its features and advantages are enough for it to be a good and commendable site to play Bitcoin Roulette. It has never been accused of any anomalous complaints or even scam issues so you are in safe hands. But of course, if you are still having some second thoughts, you can start playing with a small amount of BTCs just to test the waters. For more information about this site, simply read more here.