How to Buy Bitcoins

To buy or to mine? This is the question you have to answer if you want to get bitcoins. The latter is for free, but are you willing to mine sums of it like gold? If not, then you must to go to the fastest and easiest way to have bitcoins, buy it.

If you are new, of course first thing you have to know is How to buy bitcoins. Fret not since this is just few clicks away. You just have to your own wallet address, a program which you can use to store your bitcoins as well as to make transactions. Blockchain is the most recommended site since it offers a free wallet service. The process is just like signing up in an online platform, though this time the required details are limited to just username, password, and email address. Once you have located your bitcoin wallet address, you are ready to go.

Bitcoins are bought in trading exchange markets and you will sure be spoilt for choice since there are many of them. These online trading platforms enable users to buy and sell bitcoins and the most popular is Mt. Gox. It is the largest bitcoin exchange market and holds the majority of bitcoin transactions all over the world. This portal is accessible 24/7 which will allow you to buy bitcoins anytime you want.

Steps on How to Buy Bitcoins:

1.)    Open an account in the trading market of your preference. For worldwide users, the most popular is Mt. Gox while for U.S. customers it is Coinbase. To make an account, you have to fill up the required details of the registration form given.

2.)    Once you have successfully make an account, go to the buy/sell page and enter the amount of bitcoins you wish to buy. Take note that its price is based on the current exchange rate.

3.)    If everything is set, transfer the payment directly to the exchanges’ bank account.

4.)    Several days are needed for the transaction to get done.

5.)    After the transaction is finished, your bitcoins will be credited to your account and you can have them transferred in your personal wallet address.

Knowing how to buy Bitcoins is just a piece of cake. Follow these simple steps and you will finally enjoy some of this digital currency in your wallet. Certainly, nothing would beat the convenience of using it in your transactions over the internet. You can play Bitcoin Roulette, use bitcoin applications, and do a lot of other stuff when you discover all the things Bitcoin has to offer you.