How to Play Bitcoin Roulette

If there is a roulette that offers everything any player wants, it is the Bitcoin Roulette. It is a wheel where convenience and perks has been rolled into one and this is the reason why players just can’t get enough of this bitcoin game. For sure, you also want to have the most of this, and you can definitely do so by knowing How to play bitcoin Roulette.

To play bitcoin roulette, all you need to master is how to play the typical roulette game. Yes, everything is the same from rules, how to play, up to tips and strategies. Therefore, if you know the basics of playing this casino game, you will never have a problem in spinning it with bitcoins.

Steps on How to play Bitcoin Roulette:

1.)    Make an account in the best bitcoin roulette site. Three things are needed for you to provide: username, password, and email address. After getting this done, you can now proceed to the next step.

2.)    Fund your account. There are two things for you to do this: send BTCs to the wallet address provided or simply scan the QR code. You have to wait for a confirmation before your deposits will be credited to your account.

3.)    Once you have successfully funded your account, you can now spin the wheel of fortune with bitcoins. Aside from knowing the rules, it is also a must that you know the function of the buttons since these will be your controls in the game. It will be advantageous for a gaming platform to have a free play mode, so you can get acquainted first with the interface and options before switching to the real money mode.

4.)    Just like the online roulette, all you have to do is choose a bet in the inside or outside tables; you can also do multiple bets if you want. Placing your wager is done by clicking the place you want to bet on or simply putting the chips on it.

5.)    Once everything is set, just wait for the Roulette to spin and get your wallet ready for satisfying rattles of your Bitcoin wins.

Just keep these 5 simple steps in mind and you can already say that you know How to play Bitcoin Roulette. If playing online roulette is fast and easy, bitcoin roulette definitely outshines the latter by offering the same but with added twists of convenience, fun, and advantages.