BitRouletteThe fun never stops for avid roulette bettors because the Bitcoin online gambling world welcomes another roulette site that is powered by this popular digital currency. BitRoulette, which prides itself as the first Bitcoin-enabled roulette betting site to offer a true random game. Along with an array of excellent gambling features that are coupled with commendable casino gaming services, this Bitcoin roulette casino site is definitely something to watch out for.

When it comes to the gambling experience, the betting interface plays a huge role; that is why it is fortunate that BitRoulette has done a laudable job in designing its interface. Donning a simple and minimalist theme, the design interface is free of clutter, which enables players to focus on the game per se. It also maintains a professional feel all throughout that adds to the appeal of the Bitcoin roulette game. As a matter of fact, roulette enthusiasts, who pay much attention to the overall design of the gaming interface, will be satisfied with the way it is presented.

Besides the betting interface, this gambling site also stands out among the sea of Bitcoin betting sites through the technology it uses to provide 100% true randomness in its game. With the white noise generated wheel spins, people and even computers will impossibly guess or determine a pattern. Moreover, the people behind this game have no control of the results because the wheel is programmed to generate numbers in a “true random” manner. As such, roulette players should not have any worries about instances of tampered game outcomes.

In addition to the fairness of the roulette game, BitRoulette ensures that its customers’ privacy is fully protected from third parties. It employs several methods to guarantee that its players’ personal and financial details are safe through its practice of not storing data on servers as well as not keeping track of IP addresses. Likewise, secure SSL connections are maintained. Through all these safety precautions, this gambling site manages to safeguard the welfare of its bettors in its gambling environment both online and offline.

Furthermore, roulette bettors can be confident that their funds are safe in this betting site. After all, it regularly stores all the players’ bitcoins off the server in a cold storage casino bank. This step is necessary to safeguard the funds from possible unauthorized withdrawals and access to betting accounts.

With an excellent and safe roulette game, this Bitcoin roulette site treats its fans even more to a convenient manner of betting. By designing its game to function seamlessly and work straight from the web browser without the need for plugins or downloaded executable files, BitRoulette succeeds in providing all bettors the opportunity to experience betting on this game without any hassle. Therefore, those who wish to experience these great features and services must play Bitcoin roulette right away.