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How to Play with Bitcoins

Bitcoin is the perfect payment solution for online platforms including online roulette sites. After all, who would want to miss the experience of playing anonymously, have almost instant transactions, and other perks only Bitcoin can bring? Definitely, you don’t want to be left out; therefore, it is a must for you to learn how to play with bitcoins on roulette gaming portals.

You will never have a hard time finding bitcoin roulette platform to play on as they are all over the cyber world. However, you must keep in mind that it is the quality that matters so just take a step forward to only reputable and outstanding sites. After this, you can now move to the most exciting step which is to play Bitcoin Roulette.

Guide on how to play with Bitcoins on roulette sites

1.)    First thing you must do is create an account. Username, password, and email address are the only required details so you can play with 100% anonymity.

2.)    Once your account has been created, add funds to it.

3.)    In making deposits, you have two options: send the amount of BTCs to the wallet address provided or simply scan the QR code shown.

4.)    Depending on the site you will be playing, confirmation is needed before your bitcoins are credited.

5.)    If the confirmation is received, your bitcoins will appear on your account. This is certainly the green light that you are ready to spin the wheel of fortune.

6.)    The way of playing Bitcoin Roulette is just similar to the typical one where everything is made possible in just few clicks of several buttons.

7.)    You can withdraw your winnings based on the roulette site’s required number of confirmations you have to meet.

There, learning how to play with Bitcoins is fast and easy. Follow these simple steps and be guided the next level of spinning the little wheel of big fortunes with bitcoins!