Roulette Systems

Ever since Roulette has started to spin more than 200 years ago, players have also begun looking for various ways to beat the game. Though for a game of chance, it appears impossible, in the long run, there have been popular and widely used Roulette systems. Truth to be told, there is no guarantee that you will sure win using these systems; however, these have been successful for others, so why not take chances? Who knows? This can be your ultimate Roulette winning strategy.

There are several Roulette systems to choose from. Most of these involve mathematical progression that is why you have to consider things like size of your bankroll. In addition, it is also necessary to keep in mind that in order to apply these in your games successfully, complete understanding of the systems is needed.

Martingale System

This system involves increasing bets after a loss until you get a win. By doing so, your win will cover the total amount you lose in your previous games.

Reverse Martingale

In contrast with the Martingale, this system works by decreasing the amount of your bet when you lose and increasing it when you win.

D’Alembert System

In this system, you have to increase your bet by one in case you win and decrease if you lose. This is in line with the chance betting system so you can only wager on even or odd as well as black or red with this system.

Fibonacci System

This system is based on the sequence of numbers discovered by the Mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. It works by determining as well as adding the last two numbers of your previous bets to determine the amount of your next bet.

Flat Betting System

This works by simply betting the same amount over and over again. The main advantage of it is when you consistently bet on a single number and that hits early, you will have a real big win. In addition, there is also no mathematical progression to work out in this system.

Aforementioned, there is no assurance that any of these Roulette systems will give you 100% chance of winning. However, instead of betting and playing blindly, using these systems will increase your chances of getting better odds to hit a good win. That is the best way on how to win Roulette.