Roulette Odds

Roulette Odds is probably the easiest Bitcoin casino game for you to explore the next time you plan to gamble. This is a slow-paced game, so you’d better be willing to give up on other chores so that you can focus on winning this online game by betting on the odds.

If you have played Roulette Odds in a real casino, then playing the online version will not be difficult for you at all. There isn’t much difference, but the currency used in this case is Bitcoins. This is what makes it even more thrilling and enjoyable for players. The Roulette table has six or eight different chips with varying colors. There are 300 chips involved and the calculation of the value of each chip is by dividing the buy-in by the number of chips the player receives. The dealer places the token on top of the stack of the chips with a specific color to indicate the value of those coins.

In the U.S., there are specific rules. Here is a brief of the rules:

  • The Roulette wheel has thirty eight slots, there is a zero, and a double, then slots numbered 1-36
  • There are individual numbers for each player and ‘outside’ bets for each combination of numbers
  • Once the player makes a bet, the dealer spins the wheel. The wheel spins and stops on its own and the players wait to watch where the ball stops after a few seconds.

There are other rules involved in Roulette Odds.

Single Zero Rule

The limit on the single wheel is higher than that on the double-zero wheels. In the American Single-Zero Roulette, the house edge on each bet is 1/37 (which is equivalent to 2.7%).

Atlantic City Rules

This is a variation of the European halfback rule, where if the ball settles in the 0 or 00 slot, then the player loses one-half of the even money bet. The house bet goes low to 2.63%; however, this is not applicable to single zero wheels.

European Rules

While playing the European Roulette Odds is a single wheel game and also has the halfback rule, but is what many know as ‘en prison.’ Here if the player made an even-money bet, and the ball sets on a zero, the player gets only half of the money in the bet back. In French, this is “la partage.” Players can decide to imprison the bet instead of losing half the amount. If the imprisoned bet wins, upon the next spin the player gets back the money without any winnings.

You can play Bitcoin Roulette Odds on any of the online Bitcoin casino websites. However, before you do play, read about the website and make sure it pays. Some websites don’t pay the entire win and you won’t want to lose your Bitcoins. They just don’t pay the full bet on a single-number bet, and games that short play would want it to be on the double-zero bets.

Nonetheless, playing Roulette Odds with Bitcoins is the best online casino experience you can ever have.