Who Will Be The Big Winner In Bitcoin Roulette?

Who Will Be The Big Winner In Bitcoin Roulette?

When people play Bitcoin roulette, all of them think of the possibility that they will win. However, only a few of them think they can potentially win big. However, if the stars are aligned right and once in a blue moon, it is possible for roulette players to hit the jackpot. Here are a few lucky people who actually did win big at the roulette table.

Joseph Jagger (1873)

Joseph Jagger was one of the first big winners in roulette history. He had worked in the cotton mechanics industry, which had a lot of rotating wheels and moving parts. Jagger noticed a peculiarity in the machines and had a brilliant idea. Going to the Beaux-Arts casino in Monte Carlo, he then paid six clerks to secretly note the results of many spins of the roulette wheels there. Thanks to their observations, he managed to notice a pattern.  Jagger then visited the casino himself and placed his bets accordingly. He won the equivalent of $375,000 over the next few days. The modern equivalent is $7,000,000 in modern money.  After that, he never went back into a casino or gambled ever again.

Charles Wells (1891)

If you’re looking for an example of a Lady Luck favoring a person, there is Charles Wells. In a single night in 1891, Charles Wells won a million francs at the Monte Carlo. He came back in the same year. The funny thing about it was that Charles was a known conman, but his wins were all from luck. According to reports, he won on 23 out of 30 consecutive spins of the wheel.

Ashley Revell (2004)

For a more modern example of a big win, people can point to Ashley Revell. In 2004, Revell took his life savings to Las Vegas and wagered everything on a single spin of the wheel. The man sold everything he owned to create a bet of $135,000. He then flew to Las Vegas and bet everything on red. A UK TV channel heard about his plans and decided to follow him on his trek. This is why when Revell bet it all on red, millions were watching. This was why when the wheel stopped and the ball landed on red 7, the whole world saw Ashley Revell had double his money. Winning twice his $135,000 bet may not be that big, but that was a sum total of a man’s life so that has to be worth something.

With these wins, people can see that it is possible to hit that jackpot, even in a Bitcoin roulette game. If players are willing to go all-in, then they should try it the next time they spin that wheel.