How Different Is Playing Online Roulette?

How Different Is Playing Online Roulette?

Online gambling has become big in recent years. This growth is helped by the fact that a lot of traditional casino games have managed to make the jump online. It helps that quite a few of them are easily converted. For example, some of the best Bitcoin roulette sites out there are pretty bare-bones and are yet still able to deliver a great game experience.

Players who are new to online gambling should try out these games to experience the online difference.


One of the big hits online is poker. It would have been hard to ignore the online poker boom that happened in the 90s. A lot of people actually thought it would not work. This is mostly because skilled poker players often read body language and the physical tells of their opponents to make bets. This is all missing in online play. However, a lot of people have adapted and the style of play online is more about betting habits and mathematical odds. Data analysis is the weapon of choice in online poker and the game has flourished because of it.


Roulette is one of those games that are easily converted for online play. All you need is a wheel and a mat for the bets.  The rules are the same and the strategies, too. The main difference is that the experience is more visual. Offline roulette play gives the pleasure of touching the felt of the table and handling the chips. This is a small difference and is overcome easily. Online roulette games come in two flavors, though. There is the basic all-software version. Then there is the live-dealer version, which has a real model and table. This is the version that a lot of people prefer.


Another great game to transition players into online play is blackjack. At its heart, blackjack is just pushing your luck with cards. All of the decisions come down to basic numerical ability and core mathematical skills. Converting it for online play only requires randomizing a single deck and a few rules. This is why for those who have played blackjack at a traditional casino, online blackjack should already be familiar.

Online changes for games are actually pretty few.  The main change for many is the use of a computer as a random number generator. This change makes it difficult to count cards and predict numerical sequences. Players are encouraged to experience playing Bitcoin roulette online, as well as Bitcoin blackjack and poker to see the difference of online from traditional casino.